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This is an inclusive conversation channel.

It is part of a medium / long term interdisciplinary academic study on adapted education.

The main focus of our research is people with disabilities, family members and supporters.

Dois do Brasil - Cities that concern me
Dois do Brasil - Cities that concern me

Life is a great Platonic metaphor.



Homage In memoriam to Nilza, my mother, a wheelchair user for the last 13 years of her life.

She did not know some basic rights that have been conquered today, but which are still far from the ideal of accessibility, mobility and respect.

In memoriam to Irineu, my father, who endured living with a disabled person at the limit. Atrocious suffering for both.

In memoriam to everyone who didn't resist Covid 19, and gratitude to everyone who did.

To Rossana, for her 25 years of companionship, (the best person I know!), In the good and bad times of Pedro's development.

To grandchildren: Pietra, Lorenzo and Flora, who will live in a better world after the fear is gone.

To children, Demian, Diego, Cauê, for their dedication and perseverance without me; and Pedro, for 21 years of pure universal love.


2020. Year zero of an insane journey of uncertainty.


Our mission:

The greatest human adventure is LEARNING.

Under any and all circumstances, humble, we believe in him and profess him!


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*Guto Maia  - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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