About Pedro Rosengarten Baptista   (Leia em Português)

Photo: Michel Igielka

21 years old, autistic, was an assistant professor at Instituto Yara Angelini (2018/19), maintainer of NEED - Specialization and Study Center for People with Disabilities;

- Worked for 2 and a half years at Drogasil, as an operational assistant (2016/2019);

- He graduated in High School from CEEJA Dona Clara Mantelli (2018);

- In 2019, he passed the Social Sciences entrance exam at Universidade Nove de Julho (Uninove);

- He was an actor at Oficina dos Menestréis for five and a half years (2014/19) and did dance at Instituto Olga Kos (2018/19);

- Lecturer accredited by Memorial da Inclusão, linked to the State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the State of São Paulo, developing themes on Inclusion, Labor Market and Accessibility with his father, Professor Guto Maia, being considered a young leader in Inclusion area;

- Creator and presenter of the Geopolitics in the World Program, of interviews, whose proposal is to be a link between people with and without disabilities, and to break paradigms;

- He likes people very much and his hyper focus is Africa, a continent that he has been researching for five years, giving classes on the subject;

- Participated in the creation and coordination of the projects launched at the Memorial da Inclusão: “Cities that Tell Me Respect”, “Decade of Inclusion”, “Independent Autistic Project”, “Diverse Reasoning”, “Inclusive Education Dilemmas”, “Let's talk to the connection ?, “TV Need”, “Geopolitics in the World Program”, “Technology for Humanity”, and the “Inclusion Without Limits Award”, a partnership between the São Paulo Commercial Association and the Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (among 2016 and 2019);

- Received the 1st Marco da Paz Award - Inclusion Without Limits, promoted by the São Paulo Commercial Association in partnership with the Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, at the Latin America Memorial, on December 3, 2018, World Person's Day with Disabilities, instituted by the UN.

Email: pedrobaoba@gmail.com

Phone: 11 99378-4603 | 97644-5061