About Guto Maia (José Augusto Maia Baptista) (Leia em Português)

Photo: Cristina Sampaio

* Educational manager, adapted teaching researcher teacher and coordinator of socio-educational projects;
* Columnist of Revista Reação, consultant for inclusion in councils and associations, creator of interdisciplinary multimedia content and activist for the cause of people with disabilities.

* Degree in Social Sciences at Uninove (Universidade Nove de Julho), Campus Vergueiro, since 2019;

* For 21 years, he has been studying intellectual disorders to accompany the learning of his son, Pedro, diagnosed at 11 years old with Asperger's syndrome; he also had a wheelchair mother for 13 years, which has stimulated his social and political activism for the cause of people with disabilities in the last decade.

* In addition to Pedro, he has 3 more children: Demian, Diego and Cauê;

* Participates actively in congresses, forums, symposia, lectures and events with inclusive themes, such as organizer, lecturer, guest lecturer and listener;

*Directed institutional events at the Memorial da Inclusão; corporate at Assoc. Commercial in São Paulo; for the Public Ministry, he was coordinator of a socio-educational project in a shelter for vulnerable youngsters; and invited multidisciplinary professor for classes and lectures at universities: Unip, Pós-Estácio, Anhanguera, Anhembi-Morumbi, Santo André, UniCeu São Miguel; entities such as APAEs São Paulo, Santos, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, Araras, Gramado / RS and Porto Alegre / RS; Graac, and NGOs, such as NEED - Nucleus specializing in disabilities, Instituto Grajaú, Monte Azul, public and private schools and projects for young apprentices;

* Participated in the advisory board of the Associação Comercial de São Paulo, and the health management board of CER-Sé / SUS;

* Writes on topics relevant to the present and future of people with disabilities, vulnerable and elderly people, hoping to contribute to a more qualified public management in the coming years;

* He is a contributor to inclusive publications, such as Revista Reação; literary magazines, such as Digestivo Cultural and Overmundo; sites, like Thinker; and was an accredited speaker at the Memorial da Inclusão, linked to the State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the State of São Paulo;

*He was a multidisciplinary professor at Unip Vergueiro, Community Extension, Depto. Social Sciences, for adult students with disabilities (Jan / 2015/17);

* Coordinator of the International Forum Reasoning Diverse, Campo de Marte, 2019; and organizer of seminars and lectures for the Post-Estácio (2019);

* Was a social educator at Instituto Yara Angelini (2015/20), maintainer of NEED (Center for Specialization and Study of Disabilities), which has served 50 families of people with disabilities in the Heliópolis region, for 20 years;

* He was a guest professor at the Public Ministry and IBFC (Brazilian Institute of Education and Training), in the assignment of coordinator of social project at SAICA (Institutional Reception Service for Children and Adolescents), of the Prefecture of Taboão da Serra (1917/18);

* He is a certified speaker by Instituto Passadori, in Verbal Communication, in 2016;

* Idealized, in partnership with the Memorial da Inclusão, the launch of the projects: “Cities that Tell Me Respect (2017)”, “Decade of Inclusion (2018)”, “Autistas Independentes Project (2019)”, “Reasoning Diverse (2019)” , “Dilemmas of Inclusive Education” (2019), “Shall we talk to the connection? (2019), “TV Need” (2019), “Geopolitical Program in the World” (2019), “Technology for Humanity” (2019), and the “Inclusion Without Limits Award” (2018/19), a partnership of the Commercial Association and the Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;

* Health Management Advisor CER III Sé / SUS Elected (biennium 17/18); Advisory Adviser to ACSP (18/19) - Associação Comercial de São Paulo, having participated in the idealization and organization of the events: "Marco da Paz Award - Inclusion Without Limits" (17/18), Health Fair (16/17) and Illuminated Christmas of São Paulo, 2017/18;

* Invited professor at universities: Estácio Post-Graduation, Santo André Faculty, Anhembi-Morumbi, Unip, Anhanguera Faculty, Passadori Institute; Ubatuba City Council; São Paulo City Council, Uniceu Inácio Monteiro; APAE's in Ubatuba, Santos, Araras, Gramado, Porto Alegre; Ceren (Araras), SESC Consolação, SESC Santo Amaro, SESC Campinas, Google Brasil / SP Office, Federal Institute of Poços de Caldas, Pinheiros Clubs, Tietê, Ypiranga, Tennis Club, and associations of people with disabilities, the elderly and entities for vulnerable people;

* Has multidisciplinary training, and attended universities: Dr. Clóvis Salgado (1970), Brás Cubas (1971), Uni Santana (Economics and Business Administration) 1972 and 1977/78; Faculty of Fine Arts of SP (Architecture and Urbanism) 1986/87, UFMG - Minas Gerais (Ext. In Plastic Arts) 1989/90; Unopar (Univers. Norte do Paraná) 2014, Unip (Univers. Paulista) 2017, Unicid (Univers. City of São Paulo) 2018, Fac. Messiânica (2015/16) and Univers. Cruzeiro do Sul, 2018 (Degree in Pedagogy); and USP (Univers. de São Paulo) 2015/16, in the courses of Brazilian Music and Philosophy & Ethics, at ECA (School of Communication. and Art);

* He was a professor honored by the graduates of Class 9, Programa Jovem Aprendiz, from IBFC (Brazilian Institute of Education and Training), on September 26, 2015;

* Honored at the São Paulo City Hall, on Teacher's Day / 2019, with the Marco da Paz trophy, from ACSP (Associação Comercial de São Paulo), on the initiative of Gaetano Brancati Luigi, special advisor to the presidency and creator of the monument Marco da Peace; and CMSP, represented by Councilman Gilberto Natalini, Oct / 2019. 




Fone: 11 99378-4603     |     11 97644-5061