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Guto Maia*


30/08/2020  (Leia em Português)

I have a good character, but the game is rough, and the flap is inevitable.


I took and gave a lot of stroll in my life, I took and gave a lot of ribs, even because I was a bad football player (Beto and the Tietê gang know this well!), But I was always a correct and dedicated athlete, and I even won several medals in several modalities, since the beginning in swimming with the master Sato, at the age of 9.


The pains of age today prevent me from using the body as before, (thankfully, for several reasons, lol).


But, the head still works half a mouth, and resembles a lot. The eyes are also half-mouthed, but they have seen almost everything. The hands, trained by music and privileged by ambidextrism, continue to be my strength, and I hope they will continue to do so, despite my recent friendly divorce from music; and the text has been sharpened every day. The language has always been.


I have always had many friends. Many, even, but much more than I imagined. Great masters, great loves and children that make me immensely proud.


The reverse was not always true, and everyone is right. I made a lot of people suffer, I was ungrateful, but the rib was always inevitable in the raw game, and I am sincerely trying to be a better player.


But I always faced everything that was offered to me with open chest. I never bargained with life. It will not be now, with almost a century of crossing, and unimaginable life experiences, that I will be overwhelmed by the injustices and absurdities that we see daily.


Despite being bankrupt and underpaid, (like all Brazilian teachers, the elderly), the cruelest thing is to live in a moment where our kiss, our embrace and the handshake became life-threatening for grandchildren, students, colleagues, for everyone the world. A great irony of fate.


But, I have a good character, inherited from my parents, and I will not speak all the bad words I would like, and although the game is crude, there can be tenderness even in the beating; without this being confused with disregard for the rules of the game, with all the inherent injustices.


Making lemonade has always been our specialty; but my whole life I spent making jiló jam (Solanum aethiopicum). This forges character.


I have always been a man of faith. And I have a strong saint, who sends me angels whenever I need them. They had a hard time trying to save me from the incalculable risks that I have ever taken in my life. They are well-plucked guardian angels, but they have always been alert and I survived.


I agreed with Pedro, my youngest son, that I will live to be 100 years old. We are creating tea for this. We will give it to
everyone we love. We are going to make the world full of old people for years to come. We estimate that in Brazil, there will be 97 million elderly people in 2050 (30 years from now). The world will have 9.7 billion inhabitants, and I will be 97 years old, a cabalistic number, right? Then, until I'm 100, I'll go in neutral. That's what I agreed with Pedro, and he accepted.


For all this, vote for Demian Maia, in the Best Victory of the Year by Submission category, in the fight he did with Ben Askren, a very nice guy.


Everyone knows that Demian and Brazil deserve it!


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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Propósito de Vida: Investir na formação de Jovens Cientistas.
Missão: Ensino-Aprendizado.
Valores: Que os nossos alunos sejam a reserva de reputação e amor próprio cultivados dia após dia. Eles nos ajudam a construir um patrimônio de confiança que aumenta em dignidade com o tempo.
É o que espera um professor: produzir aprendizes melhores do que ele conseguiu ser. Senão, não há Epistemologia que evolua solidamente.
O aprendizado se dá por camadas. Ninguém "desaprende" o que aprendeu para aprender algo novo. Portanto, somos a somatória de tudo o que de bom e ruim fizeram os que vieram antes.
Cabe a nós preparar e pavimentar o caminho para os próximos que virão.