Which God?

Guto Maia*

08/30/2020 (Leia em Português)

We are experiencing a lack of clear perspectives at all levels for the next decade.


But, thanks to this, we can exercise the great freedom of reasoning that chaos allows us.


Ideological, religious, philosophical doctrines can be rigid, limiting bonds, but they can also fall like liberating gloves in the current sociological circumstances, until we build a new utopia. Then, we went through the concept of God.


It may be sensible to believe that we have a minimum chance of transformation and capacity for collective mobilization, with new theories adapted from the old ones already out of date. The theoretical knowledge stored by humanity is very large and can be a light in this journey, where many use the shortcut of God.


When we think about activism for the cause of people with disabilities and vulnerable people in general, we realize that the fight will be very big. The actual practice of applied theories is inefficient to raise awareness of this cause. So, we will have to build very solid arguments to mobilize a giant and convincing awareness.


The political arena is increasingly becoming the appropriate space where we can really interfere in the construction of new social actions, creating laws that favor the vulnerable, disabled, elderly population; to feel like real protagonists of changes. And many still cling to God.


Dialectical and ideological war will be violent. The convincing of the argument by the words, more than anything, is the balance in a democratic dispute. Especially because it is what we have left, and it is what remains for those who represent people with varied mental disorders, physical, sensory and comorbidities. Generally, these people have no force of claiming action, if they have no one to represent them with dignity.


In the face of all this dismay, and thanks to the collective depression, it is very hard to see that many healthy young people and even children, who survived the worst phase of this world pandemic; they would rather have died.


Meanwhile, equally healthy people, young and old, full of the joy of living did not resist.

What would God like to tell us about this? If there is a logical explanation.


What would we need to do on our knees to get a convincing answer? Just accept? What divine justice is this, what torture, punishment and punishment for innocents? Where is the answer to this existential global disruption that we are going through?


We live in unspeakable times, where every day we have terrifying news of human conduct.


But, most of Brazil has faith and believes that God is in charge and will solve everything on time.


Which God? What religion? Whose God?


The God of Flordelis?


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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