When the good are better

Guto Maia*

22/09/2998 (Leia em Português)

The good are loved.

The good ones are treated well.

The good guys earn more.

The good ones are followed and form an opinion. Even when your opinions are not so good.

The good ones are not always the best, but they will always know how to look good enough that no one has any doubt that they are very good.

When the good are better


Quando os bons são melhoresQuando os bons são melhoresIt is good to be among the good.

We learn more, have more fun. We read the best books, watch the best films, before the premiere; goes to operas.

He knows the best women, he lives with intelligent people. Ride the fastest cars.

But to be among them - the good ones - you have to look like one of them.

For those who are not very good, there are infiltration techniques, the kind that journalists and spies use.

You must wear a good disguise.

It is essential to study the habits of the good, their habitat, habits, etc., and try to imitate them in everything.

The good guys are a very closed elite group that only accepts their peers.

Although the good guys may seem friendly and receptive, (beware!) Some points of attention are key to disguise.

Some items to look good:

1. Smile. The good ones smile more, so they have good dentists;

2. Beauty. Good ones are beautiful. It is essential to be beautiful, if you are not, it becomes more difficult to look good;

3. Wealth: Good people are rich. Whoever was not born rich, has to do everything to stay, otherwise he will never look good enough. It is almost impossible to pass for good without money;

4. Intelligence. The good guys are smart, at least they seem to be. Smart looks and expressions are essential. Strive to look smart;

5. Self-esteem. The good ones love each other. Immerse yourself in the self-help books. The well has no bottom;

6. Culture. The good ones are educated. Enter the first bank, search the internet. Read, read a lot. Study. The study makes the individual, no matter how bad, look good. Sometimes, after studying so much to try to look good, the individual ends up becoming one;

7. Cunning. The good guys are smart, canny. The good ones are shrewd. They have the lively gaze of those who do not let themselves be deceived, nor do they ever err, at most they make mistakes, which make them look human;

8. Diplomacy. The good guys are skilled in negotiation. Who is not so good, feels so much pleasure to be close to a good one, that he only realizes how much he gave up too late;

9. Honesty. The good ones seem so honest that they are mistaken for honest people;

10. Energy. The good guys have energy coming out of the thief. They seem omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and give the impression that they will need 3 more lives to accomplish everything they plan. And they get paid in advance for that;

11. Sensitivity. The good are capable of moving to tears when facing a work of art, they respect the underprivileged, but they hate the average;

12. Firmness. The good ones are sharp. Impositive, they are capable of making mistakes with such conviction and confidence, that everyone feels ashamed to think differently. Good people call it attitude;

13. Leadership. The good guys are cold and calculating. They get to be cruel to men, opponents, enemies and family;

14. Justice. They seem fair. They are fair, especially with their feelings. They are able to create their own ethics, which fits their sense of justice and values. They create rules, principles, norms and guidelines, which, of course, always privilege them;

15. Cabotinos. Egocentric and vain. Everyone expects the good to be self-centered and vain for their immense goodness and wisdom;

16. Self-indulgent. Any exaggeration in the name of its principles is allowed. They feel immense pleasure in being revered. They always have a lot of followers around. The power of the good is measured by the size of their retinue;

17. Determined. The good guys are focused, focused on their goals. Nothing takes them away from their intentions;

18. Technical care. The good guys are capricious. Any work done by the good guys is well done and has an impeccable finish;

19. Detailers. They become unbearable with servants and underlings. The good guys are hysterical with dust particles on some furniture in the house, they hate the wrinkled shirt, badly cut suit, cigarette smell (but, they love the smell of Havana cigar), fake drink, cheap perfume, mold, animals, children, pic -nics, camps;

20. Self-control. Calm. The good ones are capable of carrying out any risky project, any investment (mainly with someone else's money), any mega-enterprise with the serenity of a monk; 21. Winners. The good ones are the best. They know that to be vice is to have been defeated, and that the world only reveres the first place. "We are the champions, my friend!"

22. Luck. Mostly luck. The good guys are lucky!

Especially because they were born where they were born, wherever they went.


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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