When I look at my son**

Guto Maia*


* Column published on September 4, 2020, in the Magazine Reação Edition 133, August / September, p. 43

Revista Reação, Edição 133, página 43Revista Reação, Edição 133, página 43 Revista Reação, Edição 133, página 43
Revista Reação, Edição 133, página 43



**When I look at my son

08/26/2020 (Read in Portuguese)


The capacity for indignation is exacerbated when they offend our children.


Social values ​​always run the risk of slipping into hypocrisy, demagogy or cheap sentimentality when talking about people with disabilities and the vulnerable. When talking about the subject, we always run the risk of being misinterpreted. It is difficult to be exempt. But, who has experience of at least a decade in this universe, knows how parents learn to deal with hypocrisy, demagogy, false moralism; how the contempt, prejudice, and so much nonsense spoken about their children withstand in silence.


But, there are times when we need to talk.


I look at my autistic son, and I can't admit that he could die for being a big ass!


I think of my students with disabilities, friends, and everyone who hasn't resisted in the past 6 months. In Brazil alone, there are over 115 thousand people. And your families, how are you?


I know I have to try to do something. Is indignation the only thing left?


Is there any value in the indignation of a teacher who is no longer an athlete, who does not know how to use a weapon to defend himself, whose only weapons are a Bic pen and a laptop?


Rhetoric and dialectics are our ammunition. It is little and that is what we have left.


This is all just the outburst of one among millions who lost their dreams, lost jobs, lost their life projects, lost people who loved them and lost, above all and above all, the right to be respected as citizens thinkers who believe in principles, whose first attitude has always been to believe in agreements and seek to respect laws that are not weird.


When we see that many took advantage of this chaos and social despair to get rich, indignation makes us doubt the most fundamental values ​​of human honesty and morality, which pass through the nature and the doubtful character.


How much naivety, no? Are we all hypocrites and demagogues when we think so? No, we are really assholes! They are right.



I try to imagine what our “Floras”, “Pedros”, “Pietras”, “Lorenzos”, their children and grandchildren (when and if they have them); - will think of us in the future. What legacy of indignity will we leave for them when they overcome this insane journey? Certainly, we will no longer be here to watch what they will do with what they learned from this lesson that nature and our leaders impose on us.


Perhaps, the memory they have of us, is only that of naive beings, without "expertise" and without the strength to take advantage of a historical moment where only the strong survived. They will be right. Just as those who think we are asses today are right. They are also right. When we wash our hands, we are writing the mistakes of the future.


But, the ink of this pen has power. She still has the strength, at least, to be able to write this naive outburst.


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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