Utopia gloves

Guto Maia *

8/29/2020 (Leia em Português)

There are moments in the History of Humanity, when previously validated doctrines, theses and theories, however outdated they seemed to be, end up serving as a glove to explain the current reality, and offer a north of utopia.


Especially in times of chaos, like the ones we lived in six months ago, thanks to a pandemic of worldwide proportions, which we would never imagine to see in life. Something unthinkable last year.


Visiting the past in search of explanations, we found several scientific justifications for what is happening. But, surprisingly, a very large portion of the world population peremptorily denies science, for varied intentions, even mocking the existence of what we see happening before everyone's eyes. The ideological, philosophical and religious "terraplanismo" of this part of the population, creates a surreal environment, with conspiracy theories that would be unimaginable in normal times. Socio-political, ethical and moral chaos ensued in certain environments.


Despite or thanks to this, chaos becomes liberating for theorists. When there are no convincing answers, all conjectures are possible, and this is very stimulating as a dialectical exercise.


Where there are no satisfactory answers, they are all acceptable. For six months, I revisited some theorists to formulate a reflective essay. Here the rudiments of the first conclusions begin to be discussed collectively. They will be in process until their final formatting. All dialectical contributions are welcome. Even the ones that defy logic.


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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