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Guto Maia *

8/29/2020 (Leia em Português)

Musician's head.

My divorce from music was friendly. After much negotiation.

It was exactly 60 years of living together, between dating, engagement and marriage (I started studying classical piano at 7 years old).

It was an open marriage (music is unfaithful, lol), with many ups and downs, many separations, back and forth, betrayals (music is very demanding), crazy emotions and children. I had great masters and great loves thanks to music.


The life of a professional popular musician makes us know heaven and hell. As a young man, he knows great trips, crazy parties, drunkenness, drugs, sex, groups, crowds, cries, lots of laughter, laughter, desperate attempts to live and die with wonderful people and others not so much. But, a passionate life.

With age, this calms down and passes the stage, becoming generally more restrained (not all!) Musician's head


A musician's head is a roller coaster. But, most of the time, he spends studying his instrument alone. Sometimes eight, ten hours a day. However, everything stands out in the irresistible pleasure of being on stage.

It was a lifetime of troubled love affairs, which ended in a consensual and friendly manner, without grudges.

I think with humor in the hardships that music has provided, I want to write about it, leaving a conscious criticism about the social role of the musician in Brazil, especially in old age. Perhaps, this can help in the professional choices of young people.


I want to take advantage of the fact that the head still works (half-mouthed, of course!), And remembers a lot, to create a chronicle of life lived alongside important Brazilian musicians and music, and their achievements for Brazilian culture.


The still trained hands can write the reminders for the laptop (I like to use a pen in the first draft of the text); and I get along with technology in general, so I can test and improve texts permanently. This is enough to make me very happy.


As for the body, so required in youth, now you will be able to rest more, which is good for everyone.



*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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