Long live our tea!
Guto Maia*

01/09/2020 (Leia em Português)

Our tea is almost ready.

Why is NOSTOUMAUTI Tea different?

Because it activates the awareness of the 6 fundamental principles of Life:

1. Breathing; 2. Hydration; 3. Food; 4. Sleep; 5. Physical energy; 6. Mental health.


@2020 Noustoumauti Chá @2020 Noustoumauti Chá


Wait for news!

We have already created the label and are testing the tea.


In times of wild marketing and network marketing, the most important thing is the face of the product.
That's what sells: the label and the wrapper!
And of course a good text. Clean and incisive.
If there is a beautiful girl holding the box, it will be top.
We've already created the case.
What goes inside would matter less. Only not in our case.

We always wonder if manufacturers would give their children everything they manufacture.
So, we developed something for everyone we really love.

Pedro is a boy of mind-blowing creativity and universal love.

Just like most people with mental disorders (like me), after the adolescent phase. His autism certainly comes from 90% of my genetics, which has always made me very proud of this scientific truth, lol.

So my trip on his mayonnaise makes everything more fun in our life.

Accompanying a child's early years is unimaginable for those who have not had this experience. The first 7 years of this creature are absolutely decisive in shaping its character and character. Your daily discoveries, your physical tone, your response to vital stimuli are an impressive force of nature.

I have friends who wrote down each new sentence that the son said, even literacy. I, myself, recorded the surreal questions that the minds of my three oldest children asked, in their high intellectual skills in construction. Life is a carousel of news for young parents of children up to 10 years old.

Not for children with disabilities. Even less in the case of mental disorders: the future becomes uncertain and gloomy. Even more unimaginable, for those who do not live this reality, is the routine of raising children with disabilities. The only logic that will hold the heads of parents newly diagnosed with their children's disabilities is to convince themselves of the full acceptance that this creature will need unconditional love every day, without a break.

As for our tea, it comes from humanity's greatest longing: to be immortal. The dream of parents and children is to prolong the lives of those they love, right? We seek a real solution.

So, thanks to the need we have for the people we love to live longer, Pedro created a product of rejuvenation and longevity. He is very good at creating names: “Noustoumalti Chá”, is a suitable name, right? Don't ask what you mean.

He has already researched at least 10 medicinal herbs for the composition, and from now on, it's just hands-on, in the herbs and in the solution.

Once the product is tested and approved, it will be available to everyone who is willing to live with us until the age of 100, at least.

Coming soon to the best connections in the business.



* Comment by Sheila Yurgel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 9/1/2020,

on Facebook about NOSTOUMAUTI tea

Sheila Yurgel's comment, Amsterdam, Netherlands, about Nostoumauti Chá

comentário de Sheila Yurgel, Amsterdã, Holanda, sobre Nostoumauti Chácomentário de Sheila Yurgel, Amsterdã, Holanda, sobre Nostoumauti Chá


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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