An explosion of feelings

Guto Maia*


O céu é o limite.
Pedro Rosengarten no Parque das Perdizes. São PauloO céu é o limite. Pedro Rosengarten no Parque das Perdizes. São Paulo

09/08/2020 (Ler em Português)


The pandemic, created by man out of harmony with nature, has brought unimaginable paradoxes for contemporary thinkers, who will only be able to digest what is happening little by little.


The first visible consequences are the social ones.


Truths about exposed ruptures:


. human corruption is inherent and beyond suspicion;
. as well as prejudice: my class will always be better than yours;
. my God is much better than yours;
. solidarity exists much more than imagined, selfishness too;
. you can perfectly survive on less than we thought;
. the vast majority want and prefer to live, in any way, it was also obvious;
. the vast majority prefer and need the money, for whatever reasons, it was also obvious;
. the brave Quixotean denialists seem pathetic in their outbursts to face the invisible mills;
. we need fewer people to be happy than we imagined;
. we can use less things than we used to;
. we took the opportunity to discard everything that was superfluous in our life, from clothes to people;
. saudade, an exclusively Brazilian word, ceased to exist, thanks to the video call;
. the main characteristics of the Brazilian: hugging, kissing, shaking hands and other parts; to squeeze and above all to manufacture agglomerations, were banned worldwide and became life-threatening, especially because of the little importance that some Brazilians give to the virus;


Today, September 8, 2020, we found that the less one individual needs the other, the more the technology is competent to fill the gap of physical absence.


Human warmth (another ancient Brazilian characteristic) is something taken at a distance, by fever measuring devices.


In the future, will we be a constellation of masked virtual islands? Or are we already?


We really need to think and plan for a better reality for the future, because the current one scares. And it is no use just fighting “boldly” against what is set, because the real enemy is invisible.


Using the very Brazilian irony, we can turn on “ferre-se!”; or use an adaptation: “screwed, smile. Even with a mask! ”


Conclusion: We have become a great neologism, a metaphor for a new being that we cannot accept nor recognize ourselves in. We don't see anyone sure of their own future.


We found that every average urban being is tense. Even the peaceful countrymen in the peaceful cities of yore, have become more sensitive and emotionally fragile.


They are frightened for nothing with any little explosion or little shootout in the middle of the night, especially knowing that the bullets are from a rifle.


Unpredictable times.


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista
Educational Manager
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