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13/09/2020 (Leia em Português)


Shifting Chronicles 

The challenges that lie ahead in the coming decades are immense in all areas.

The world will have 97 billion inhabitants in 30 years, Brazil will have 97 million elderly people and a population of 238 million, in 2050.


The violence of these numbers is inexorable, only that they represent the lives of families that will struggle to survive in the scarcity of basic items such as water and food. And what are we doing in the face of this reality? Very little. Only the collective effort based on the individual growth of each one of us, will be able to make us evolve as an intelligent species. Our managers are the result of our mistakes, they are chosen among us. So, we need the awareness that everyone from now on, we will need to learn more about public management, taking the lead on behalf of the family itself and those who have no voice. Honesty in this context is an organic characteristic, not something to be praised as a spectacular gift by some. We need honestly simple people.


Otherwise, we run the risk of succumbing. And the catastrophic predictions of the end of the world will be realized by our own incompetence, of course. In these years of civilization, we managed to get the water we drink dirty, this is the height of a species' ignorance.


These arguments make us all, regardless of race, gender, creed or ideological belief, complicit in our future destiny. Everything we do will affect everyone without distinction, and we have a Herculean mission to save ourselves.


*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

Gestor educacional



Preface (Leia em Português)
This is our inclusive conversation channel.
It is part of an interdisciplinary academic study of medium / long term.
We speak of people with disabilities, family members and supporters. read more

Educational psychology - teaching practice
12/09/20 - Good night everyone! (Leia em Português)
Answering the questions proposed by prof. Jessica, I would like to present some considerations from reading the texts of the AVA Uni9 platform, associated with personal convictions based on the experience of teaching practice in adapted teaching. I hope to contribute to the forum's discussions by proposing a reflection on the future of education, where most of the concepts will be reformulated and built for the new decade that begins with so many uncertainties. read more

and speaking of inclusion ...
16/02/2020 (Leia em Português)
Our family decreased in size when living with disabilities, created private protocols, built their own standards and lived one day at a time. Every couple with a child newly diagnosed with a disability can better prepare for the future. We try to tell a little of what this reality lived 21 years ago, Pedro's age, autistic, represents, where everything can change in the next minute. It is a form of daily outburst from a "universal self", which benefits everyone who finds themselves in this routine. read more

When I look at my son
26/08/2020 (Leia em Português)
The capacity for indignation is exacerbated when they offend our children.
Social values ​​always run the risk of slipping into hypocrisy, demagogy or cheap sentimentality when talking about people with disabilities and the vulnerable. When talking about the subject, we always run the risk of being misinterpreted. It is difficult to be exempt. But, who has experience of at least a decade in this universe, knows how parents learn to deal with hypocrisy, demagogy, false moralism; how the contempt, prejudice, and so much nonsense spoken about their children withstand in silence. read more

Long live our tea
01/09/2020 (Leia em Português)
Our tea is almost ready.
Why is NOSTOUMAUTI Chá different?
Because it activates the awareness of the 6 fundamental principles of Life:
1. Breathing; 2. Hydration; 3. Food; 4. Sleep; 5. Physical energy; 6. Mental health.
Wait for news!
We have already created the label and are testing the tea. read more

An explosion of feelings
08/09/2020 (Leia em Português)
The pandemic, created by man in disharmony with nature, has brought paradoxes unimaginable to contemporary thinkers, who will only be able to digest what is happening little by little.
The first visible consequences are the social ones. read more

Dilemmas and paradoxes of collective intelligence
28/08/20 (Leia em Português)
(in the face of the imponderable, unpredictable, immeasurable)
The purpose of this text is to draw a comparative parallel between the current structural chaos and anomie caused by Covid-19, in 2020; and the upheaval of ethical-political-moral-social values ​​that took place in the transition from the Modern Era - marked by the Industrial Revolution of 1760, and the French and American revolutions - to the Contemporary Era (XIX). read more

Thinking doesn't take up space
21/08/2020 (Leia em Português)
A reflection on the Week of People with Disabilities.
Thinking does not occupy space, but occupies the mind and wears out when the ghosts of human existence haunt us.
The creative leisure of thinking, leads the creature to amazing and brilliant creations, but when these "crazy thoughts" cannot be put into practice - the act of thinking, obviously, turns against the thinker.
Then, we found that thinking hurts. read more

Utopia gloves
29/08/2020 (Leia em Português)
There are moments in the History of Humanity, when previously validated doctrines, theses and theories, however outdated they seemed to be, end up serving as a glove to explain the current reality, and offer a north of utopia.
Especially in times of chaos, like the ones we lived in six months ago, thanks to a pandemic of worldwide proportions, which we would never imagine to see in life. Something unthinkable last year. read more

Social intelligence, collective indole and other sores
29/08/2020 (Leia em Português)
In six months of compulsory confinement, we were able to revisit classic theoretical studies and talk to people about the future of our human condition as Brazilians, based on the chaos that ensued. The ideological bias of a discussion based on a global health crisis, showed unimaginable temperaments, characters, natures and dark intentions. read more
Calligraphy Course for Doctors Now!
14/05/2011 (Leia em Português)
The medical course should include in its curriculum an important subject for the training of future doctors: Calligraphy !!!
This can save lives, since if there is a mistake in the application of the dosage, or even in a failed request for laboratory tests, the fact can cause serious errors, in addition to embarrassment to patients, who have the right to know what is being done. prescribed for your case! read more

Which God?
30/08/2020 (Leia em Português)
We are experiencing a lack of clear perspectives at all levels for the next decade.
But, thanks to this, we can exercise the great freedom of reasoning that chaos allows us.
Ideological, religious, philosophical doctrines can be rigid, limiting bonds, but they can also fall like liberating gloves in the current sociological circumstances, until we build a new utopia. Then, we went through the concept of God. read more

Beloved Music that concerns me
29/11/2017 (Leia em Português)
As a musician and listener, I have always believed in a weird theory: there is no such thing as bad music!
What exists is: music "" of others "!;
There is music that needs to be more drunk to enjoy it;
More drugged, but weird, more down, more up, more fucking crazy; Dishwashing music.
All music is good, as long as it is at the right time, in the right place, with ideal people with us. Otherwise it could be a drunk. It will be?
Is "Jingle Bells" a good song? "I threw the stick at the cat"? read more

Testing the text
29/08/2020 (Read in English)
Musician's head.
My divorce from music was friendly. After much negotiation.
It was exactly 60 years of living together, between dating, engagement and marriage (I started studying classical piano at 7 years old).
It was an open marriage (music is unfaithful, lol), with many ups and downs, many separations, back and forth, betrayals (music is very demanding), crazy emotions and children. I had great masters and great loves thanks to music. read more

Let us be incorruptible (Leia em português)
Let us be incorruptible.
Where there are corrupts, there will always be corrupters, and so on, until everyone is in the same cell. This is addictive. Those who escape this cycle of addictions, watch this whole spree from the outside, always wondering if the crime doesn't pay. read more


When the good are better

22/09/2998 (Leia em Português)

The good are loved.

The good ones are treated well.

The good guys earn more.

The good ones are followed and form an opinion. Even when your opinions are not so good.

The good ones are not always the best, but they will always know how to look good enough that no one has any doubt that they are very good. read more




*Guto Maia - José Augusto Maia Baptista

Educational Manager

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