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Guto Maia*
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09/15/20 (Leia em Português)
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One of the advantages of living longer is becoming a storyteller.
In general, people like to hear them.
And they are curious to know more.

Life is a box of surprises. A story can be told countless times by the protagonists, supporting characters, characters who lived it in various ways, from different angles, but there will always be room for new dramatic tones.

But, the unfinished stories touch the imaginary more, and have the vital energy that is part of the invisible effluviums that plague us.
These elaborations add flavor to the life of those who live the longest. These are real stories that most don't even imagine happened. Others, he does invent, but as a poet, he makes it look like pain, the pain he really feels, lol. The important thing is that someone stops to listen.

Those who live longer have gains and tricks, but certainly suffered more losses as well.
I ask for permission to tell one of those poorly told and unfinished stories, of so many of life that I will tell.

This painting was being painted to order, in 1990, and was stolen at the airport, on a trip between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

After three months of comings and goings, threats of prosecution, death, suicide, speaking in the press trombone, the airline paid compensation for the value of the canvas and paints, a criterion of consolation for an unfinished expressionist work of value abstract of an unknown painter. But whoever ordered it had already given an advance, and there was embarrassment about returning the money.

After 30 years, he turns and moves the picture in his head. Is it still somewhere on the planet? Has it been finished? Was it burned in a fireplace? Or, will you be at the home of someone eccentric who can't even imagine your story?

Wherever you are, the energy of those who painted it and the prints of those who stole it will be there tormenting the eyes.

And the picture will remain unmoved by the cold dawns, or the warm nights of a summer dream. And this is valuable.

Moral damage be damned.

*Guto Maia- José Augusto Maia Baptista
Educational Manager
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